Arenac Community Fund


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In 2000, a group of committed civic leaders established the Arenac Community Fund within Bay Area Community Foundation to assist in the development, improvement and enhancement of the Arenac County.

The Arenac Community Fund supports projects in Arenac through the honored tradition of giving. No matter how large or small your gift is – it is significant, because our collective donations will assist in creating a substantial, permanent endowment for Arenac County that no one single donor can achieve.

…connecting people who care
with causes that matter.


Funds entrusted to the Arenac Community Fund will be used to encourage cultural, recreational, educational, environmental and many other charitable causes throughout our county, and over time will have a broad impact.


It is an investment fund. All gifts to the Arenac Community Fund are permanently invested, and income derived from the investment is used exclusively for charitable purposes in our own county. The principal remains invested to ensure continued funding in the future. So, the fund will grow through gifts and through the earnings on the principal.


  • It provides a means for Arenac County citizens to broadly impact their community;
  • It promotes a sense of “community” rather than individual interests and objectives;
  • It supports charitable programs and projects for the benefit of Arenac County residents;
  • The fund is permanent, invested and managed to assure a steady stream of income for grants and other charitable activities; and
  • It will grow, ensuring that there will always be increasing grant dollars available.


A committee of countywide volunteers representing municipalities throughout Arenac carefully reviews the needs of Arenac County, and makes their best recommendations, keeping in mind that they have the honored responsibility of stewardship – making sure your charitable dollars are used to produce the best possible outcome for Arenac County.

The good folks of Arenac County who are working to further the vision of a stronger, and more vibrant community, have some very clear ideas of what this fund means to themselves, and what it will mean for their friends and neighbors. Here is what they have to say:

What I want the Arenac Community Fund to Be
Karen Rockwell

  • A respository for some of the wealth of those individuals who have founded and continue to carry on the “business” of what we know as “Arenac County”.
  • An organization managed by those whom the community knows as “people who care.”
  • A spirited group of “managers” who are always ready to try something new and exciting, not only to bring in funds, but to bring/maintain a healthy, happy and exciting atmosphere for the people of Arenac County.
  • A “haven” to which the people of Arenac County can look, when they have a financial need or burden which may not be met in any other way or by any other means.

Why I am on the Arenac Community Funds Committee
Jan Niemberg

“I am on the committee for several reasons, but most of all I want to improve the quality of life for the residents of Arenac County. I hope to be able to provide improved sporting facilities for our youngsters, exposure to the arts for all residents, and hopefully make Arenac County a better place to live, raise a family and to attract visitors to our area. As a child I was raised in a family that believed it is our responsibility to our community to do volunteer work and be involved in the area we live in and hopefully I have passed that philosophy on to my children.”

Why I want to see the Arenac Community Fund in my Community
Gerald Golembieski

“The Arenac Community Fund will allow for a pooling of resources that can entice people to want to live and work in Arenac County.”

Why I believe in the Arenac Community Fund
Rodney Loomis

Have you ever wondered how you could, without much effort, give something back to your community? Maybe you worked in Arenac County, grew up here, or raised your kids here. Now, thanks to the Arenac Community Fund, there is a wonderful way to help strengthen services, programs and projects in our community. A gift to this fund will last for good… for ever.

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